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It's an old doctrine that in every destruction there exists symptoms/possibilities of new life construction and vice versa. So exactly we observed in the partition-division, of India and Pakistan. India was divided into India and Pakistan. Further Pakistan was divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh. Whereas Afghanistan had been separated from India centuries ago. It was soon after Indo-Pak war of 1971. My O.C.Lt. (Long 'C') Jogender Singh convened a meeting appreciating the boys. He encouraged & advised them to set bigger and higher goals in the life. Then I was 19 years old. I thought, recently we (India) have helped Bangladesh to get freedom from Pakistan who herself was a part of undivided India pre 1947, 15th August. Why we should not try for unification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The goal was set. Foundation was laid down.

After being discharged from Navy on 17th April 1976, I completed intermediate and passing B.A. got admission in LL.B. during studying for M.A. history(I studied ancient, medieval and modern), I noticed that Afghanistan too was a part of India (In the regime of king Emperor Ashoka the Great. To add Afghanistan too, in the goal already set forth was necessary. Thus completed the shape of my ancient India - would be India with Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (BAPI).

In 1962, I was in IVth standard when China backstabbed India. I was taught China, Japan as our neighbor countries. Later I often heard and read China claiming on various parts of India as of her. I also learnt about the self-exilement of Dalai Lama, Tibetan religious head and taking refuge at Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh of our country. I also learnt that China has occupied Tibet after her own independence in 1948. In graduation I studied the expanding theory of Chinese foreign policy. I came to know that Tibet was and not China, Japan were our neighbor. China was neighbor of Tibet. Tibet is in between India and China. Pakistan, one time part of our country who has faced defeat in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999 wars against India. She has been trying to take revenge for these defeats.

China has developed Gwadar port near Karachi of Pakistan which is fully modern used Pakistan her given access of china to develop road & railway though POK in her own and who can say that these was past time will not team into war ways against india. The india is encircled from total Himalayan to west, north, east states, Bengal, bihar, up, uttarakhand, himachal, J&K and Punjab all are under Chinese grip china is also trying to get access in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar & Srilanka. China alongwith Pakistan plans & project to ever india in next 50-100 years. WHY WE SHOULD NOT BE ALERT. IT BECOMES VERY PERTINENT. To safeguard our sub continents & coming generations it is very necessary to restrain Pakistan becoming support of china. Not only Pakistan but also own other neighbor and its move investment to get Tibet free from china clutch. Without independence of Tibet the goal of ABN will be not done. Here decided to include independence of Tibet in the mission of ABN it'll be complete foundation.

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