Akhand Bharat Nirman Samiti


  • We are thankful to those who have heard us passionately, agreed with our aims and motives but have not joined with us. (We are quite confident of finding them standing beside us soon).
  • We pay special thanks to those who have heard us, agreed with us and joined us. Well done.
  • We express our gratitude and thankfulness to those who have joined us and working with us. Bravo-Zulu.
  • We pay a very special thanks to those who heard us, criticized us of our aims and motives and showed reluctance and refused to come along with us. For they have made us realize our lapses somewhere to which we will detect and correct to find them with us one day.
  • Our sincere thanks is reserved for those who are yet to join with us and work. Welcome.

Ashok Kumar Dutt
Akhand Bharat Nirman Samiti

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